Zephyr Dance

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Zephyr is an experimental dance company questioning current trends in dancemaking, and the reduction of the art form to its most quantifiable, easily recognized patterns.  Zephyr pushes toward the edges of dance, investigating movement in stillness and inertia, exploring endless repetitive patterns and stripping away unnecessary artifice to reveal the austere beauty hidden within each gesture.  Each exploration creates an opening, a small gap or unexpected fissure, that allows dance to expand.  Zephyr does not restrict or confine the definition of who or what dance is.  Zephyr considers the interaction between performer and viewer and the movement possibilities that arise through that interaction.  The company stages its performances in various spaces, from the proscenium stage to art galleries, to allow the viewer choices in how they encounter, and engage with, movement.  The results are movement installations that transform the atmosphere of a space with rich images, sensual movements and unexpected occurrences. 


Zephyr Dance

1627 North Oakley Avenue
Chicago, IL 60647
(773) 489-5069


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