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ARTLAB J is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing a space for performing arts with the intent to build a larger, stronger dance community in the city of Detroit. We strive to create unity between the city's dance companies, educational institutions, individual artists, and beyond, and serves as a bridge between Detroit and other artistic communities. We encourage artists to present their work by giving them an opportunity to contribute to the cultivation of the arts in the community through platforms including performances, workshop classes, and outreach programs.

ARTLAB J DANCE is a Detroit-basedContemporary Modern dance company under artistic director and ARTLAB J founder, Joori Jung. ARTLAB J Dance is about exploring humanity's fundamental nature with honesty by observing the change of movement through the performance in pure state of mind. Moreover, through dance, ARTLAB J searches for the diversity of individuals and what one desires to achieve. Overall, they like to see the growth and development of human natureand perform the process in their work and theystrives to find the positives of our society’s behavior and emotion.

School of ARTLAB J offers classes, master class sessions, and educational opportunities in Detroit for dancers of all ages and abilities.

ARTLAB J's LAB programs include:

Detroit Dance City Festival, a 3-day international dance festival in Detroit.

Detroit Dance Race, a choreography opportunity in Detroit for artists to create, develop, and present new work.

Detroit Revival Project, to bring together local artists to collaborate in a shared performance space in order to build a stronger arts community in Detroit.

Moving with Detroit, to bring dance industry professionals and audiences together through monthly e-newsletters, calendar of events, quarterly networking events, and an annual dance magazine.



Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary
Traditional/Indigenous Dance



2120 Russell Street
Detroit, MI 48027
(313) 638-2192

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