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Under the direction of Johnny Huntoon, Alluvion Dance Chicago is an emerging contemporary dance company in Chicago, Il. Striving to be a buffer between emerging choreographers and professional companies, ADC wanted to introduce themselves into the community through a choreography showcase. 

Alluvion Dance Chicago (ADC) is an emerging contemporary dance company based in Chicago, Illinois. Rooted in contemporary dance with elements of contemporary ballet, Gaga, and Butoh style dance, ADC strives to captivate its audience in a new, eclectic and humanistic way. ADC's core purpose is to create and display new and innovative contemporary dance choreography, bringing forward political and social issues, allowing the audience to question social norms, making this new form available to audiences and students of all ages and from all ethnic backgrounds. Through public performance at local venues throughout Chicago, ADC believes that dance can unify, enrich, and educate the community. Recognized for its uncomfortable humanistic approach, and memorable artistry, Alluvion Dance Chicago continues on its journey right here in Chicago, Illinois.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Alluvion Dance Chicago

3719 N. Clifton Ave. Apt. 2
Chicago, IL 60613

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