Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

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Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre uses dance and music to nourish the mind and the soul. We unite artists and audiences to explore themes that shape our community.

Our mission is to fuse music, dance, and visual art to explore and celebrate contemporary American society, so we create multi-disciplinary art work rooted in strong narrative themes. This art grows from collaborations among composers & musicians, choreographers & dancers, and visual artists, where the art forms are combined in cohesive performance pieces. Our work in performance is theatrical and thoughtful, vivacious and exuberant.

Our work is rooted in our founders’ vision of what art can do - gather people to contemplate factors that knit our community together and differences that add complexity to our society.

Dance Styles
Modern / Contemporary


Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre

Fine Arts Building, 410 S Michigan Ave, #468
Chicago, IL 60605
(601) 675-2738


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