Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

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The mission of Deeply Rooted Dance Theater is to re-imagine and diversify the aesthetics of contemporary dance by bringing together modern, classical, and African-American traditions in dance. In its uncompromising pursuit of excellence in performance, the development of new choreography, the training of dancers, and the creation of a diverse audience, the company seeks to demonstrate how art and beauty play a transformative role in society.

Deeply Rooted Vision & Values
Through discipline and rigor we can all achieve artistry in whatever we do. Owning the artist within us is an opportunity to give flight to a vision of profound humanity. Art is essential to life because it is about human expression; it is about reflection; it is about communication. Art is as fundamental as breathing. Just like we need air to breathe, so we need art: it is really just that simple.

Our Vision:
Deeply Rooted Dance Theater is a community dedicated to nurturing artists, supporting human relationships and sharing common values through engaging in dance.

Our Values:

  • We believe art is fundamental in forming community.
  • We pursue excellence—nurturing individual brilliance and authentic voices.
  • We recognize the relationship between the aesthetic and the political: the impact of art on society, therefore we hold ourselves accountable for our vision and strive to be ethical both in our art and our lives.
  • We realize that sound financial management enables growth; we aim to provide the conditions that support our dancers and staff in achieving this.
  • We commit ourselves to constructive and compassionate communication when in the midst of conflict.
  • We find joy in working together, creating beauty, and being.
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African American
Modern / Contemporary
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Adult Beginner
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Young Adults


Deeply Rooted Dance Theater

17 N State St, 19th Floor
Chicago, IL 60602
(312) 795-9777


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